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do you have permission to use content from girls und panzer??

Yo no tengo una pc muy buena y quisiera que se pueda bajar un poco mas los gráficos

Good game cant wait for the Multiplayer

Hello! I was wondering how the game is and I hope all is going well with development. This looks very nice.

is this thing dead?

Hi reinhardalexander,
The development of the game is going pretty well, however this version on won't be updated as it is uploaded as a prototype. You can follow the development on Patreon:

thank u


I really like the look of this game. Is the development still happening or have you stopped?


Hi baconation,
I am glad that you like how the game looks and it is going to look even better. Right now I am trying to resume the development, all code it being changed and new artists are working on the concepts. There will be some changes to the game theme, but main mechanics will all be the same

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I like it need help?